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Bearing, Bushing, Thrust Washer

Bearing, Bushing, Thrust Washers

  • 4T60  axle

    Axle Stabilizer Bearing (T84275)

    4T60 (440-T4) Automatic Transmission Axle Stabilizer Driver Side (w/ Bearing & Seal) (Teckpak) (1984-1993) (T84275) 

    Part #: T84275
  • Stator Support Bushing (54036A)

    Stator Support Bushing (54036A)

    Automatic Transmission Stator Support Busing (Front) .900” Inner Diameter (8628915) GM 125, 125C, 3T40, 200-4R, 4L60, 700-R4, 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4T40E, 4T45E, 4T60 (440-T4)

    Part #: 54036A
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  • Bearing (D84247)

    Bearing (D84247)

    Autoamtic Transmission Bearing (2.125" OD) 3.06 Ratio (.150" Thick) (Captured) (8646254) 700-R4, 4L60E 1982-1998 Front Planet to Front Sun Gear 4T60 (440-T4) Sun Gear to Differential Carrier 1984-1993

    Part #: D84247
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  • Bearing (D54247A)

    Bearing (D54247A)

    Automatic Transmission Bearing (2.00" OD) (54247A) (8628962) 200-4R Sun Gear to Rear Ring Gear 1981-1990 125, 125C, 3T40 Rear Sun Gear & Final Drive Sun Gear (Rear) 1980-2001 4T60 (440-T4) Sun Gear to Differential Carrier 2.84 Ratio 1984-1993

    Part #: D54247A
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  • Converter Reactor Bearing (D64295)

    Automatic Transmission Inside Converter Reactor Bearing (Caged Bearing) (1980-2001) (8631186) 125, 125C, 3T40 1980-2001 4T60 (440-T4) 1984-1993

    Part #: D64295
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