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About us


Cobra Transmission has remained an owned and operated family-run business for over 14 years. The CEO and Founder, John Ameneiro, started the company with his wife and son after he was constantly running into problems trying to find transmission parts for his vehicle. Having noticed that the automotive industry is notoriously bad for not carrying the right parts to be able to fix your vehicle yourself, he thought this could be the start of a great opportunity.

As a passionate automotive enthusiast, John began researching the internet to seek out vendors and manufacturers that would be able to supply him with the finest new and used parts. Since he has always only been willing to sell transmission parts that he would use on his own vehicle, he began his journey as a businessman with pride and integrity. After all, the transmission is the powerhouse behind the automobile and the focal point of his company.

John now offers over 25,000 high-quality transmission parts available to his customers, specializing in both automatic and manual transmissions as well as German transfer cases. Known very well amongst the locals in Sebring, Florida, he also possesses customers worldwide that rely on him the knowledge and expertise he brings to the trade.


When you place an order at Cobra Transmission, you can feel confident that you have purchased from the very best. Naturally, the key difference to our approach is our commitment to providing impeccable customer service and only using the highest quality replacement parts available on the market.

Have a question about your purchase? No problem. We are here to answer any questions you may have about any product you have purchased at any point. After all, we wouldn’t sell you a part that we wouldn’t use in our own personal vehicles.