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Synchronizer Kit (SRK391)

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SRK391 / SRK390B
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2.00 LBS
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Product Overview

Standard Transmission Synchronizer Kit
Honda, Acura S21 (1.6L Del Sol DOHC V-Tec) 1995-1997
Honda, Acura S4C (1.6L Civic DOHC V-Tec) 1998-2000
Honda, Acura S80 (1.8L Integra) 1996-Up
Honda, Acura Y21 (1.6L Del Sol DOHC V-Tec) 1994-1995
Honda, Acura YS1 (1.8L Integra 3 Door) 1992-1993
Honda, Acura Y80 (1.8L Integra) 1994-1995


(No reviews yet) Write a Review