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ATC400, ATC500, ATC700 Transfer Case Input Shaft | Uses Plastic Needle Bearing Only | Compatible With BMW X3, X5, X6

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Part #:
ATC400-670A (CT00763RX)
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9.25 LBS
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Product Overview

X3 ATC-400, X5 ATC-500, X6 ATC-700 Transfer Case Input / Main Shaft. Uses Bearing 6210N / 6210X5N, 10 7/8 Inches Long. Uses only the plastic bearing and does not use the tolerance ring.

Please order:
1 x ATC400-220-PB (CT00200RX) - Plastic Bearing

Compatible with / Fits BMW X3, X5, X6 SUVs
Some 27103455139, 27103455134, 27103455133, please verify with picture.

27107555297, 27107555295, 27107599889, 27107599886, 27107599899, 27107599898, 27107599890, 27107599887

- Marked in diagram as part #07 -


(No reviews yet) Write a Review