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Mitsubishi 4 Speed Torque Converter

Torque Converters

  • KM Torque Converter (KM24)

    KM Torque Converter (KM24)

    Mitsubishi KM Series Automatic Transmission Torque Converter Diameter:10.375" Bolt Circle to Bolt Circle: 8.750" Pilot Diameter: 1.335" Splines: 20 Mount: 4 Pads 10mm x 1.25 Hub: Milled Flacts Stall: High Codes: 2a, 2A, 2c,...

    Part #: KM24-001
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  • Torque Converter (KM23)

    Torque Converter (KM23)

    Mitsubishi KM170-177, F3A/ F4A21-33, A4AF1, A4BF1, A4BF-3 Series Torque ConverterDiametro: 10"Perno a Perno: 8.750"Montura: Anillo de Montaje; 3 Huecos; 10mm x 1.5Cubo: Pisos FresadosPiloto: Diameter 1.060 / Largo 0.730Ranuras: 20Stall: Ligeramente...

    Part #: KM23
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