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M5R1 Standart Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts
  • M5R1 Synchro, Bearing and Seal Kit

    M5R1 5-Speed RWD 4WD Manual Standard Transmission Synchronizer Blocker Rings, Bearings and Seal Kit 1 piece 2nd synchro 36 teeth 5th / reverse slider Aluminum case and top cover 1988-1994 Ford Aerostar 3.0L 1988 Bronco II 2.3L 1988-1990 Bronco...

    Part #: BK247WS-001
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  • M5R1 Bearing Kit

    M5R1, Synchro, Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit

    M5R1, Synchro, Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit (1 piece 2nd Synchro, 30 Tooth 5th & Reverse Synchro)Aluminum Case and Top Cover 5th and Rev have 30 teeth1991-2001 Ford Explorer (Non Sport Model) (4.0L)1991-2000 Ford Explorer and Sport Trac (4...

    Part #: BK247AWS
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  • Front Seal (366070)

    Front Seal (366070)

    Standard Transmission Front Seal (10640) M5R1 TK4 (4 Speed), TK5 (5 Speed)

    Part #: 336070
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  • Seal (372070)

    Seal (372070)

    Standard Transmission Seal (11615) AX4, AX5 Front M5R1 Toyota W55, W56, W58, W59 Front Nissan FS5W71C 4 Cylinder Front Toyota L45, L52 Front Toyota G40, G52, G57, G58, G59 Front Nissan FS5W71C, FS5R30 (6 Cylinder 5 Speed) Front FM132, FM145, FM146 Input

    Part #: 372070
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  • Rear Seal (372074)

    M5R1, Seal, Rear (4wd) (E8TZ7052D)

    Part #: 372074
  • Rear Seal (476074)

    Rear Seal (476074)

    M5R1, M5R2, RKE Standard Transmission Rear Seal (2wd) (2245)

    Part #: 476074
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