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Mitsubishi F5M33, W5M61, W6MG1

Mitsubishi F5M33, W5M61, W6MG1 Standard Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts

Mitsubishi designed the F5M33, which is also known as the KM215, to be a 5 speed manual transmission for the V6 TS Magna and TR. The F5M33 is the second generation of the KM210, which was known for its syncro issues in pre-1991 vehicles.

For the Magna, the F5M33 had two versions, one that paired with the 27 tooth driveshaft and another that could be used with a 25 tooth driveshaft or the original 27 tooth driveshaft.

F5M33 Transmission Gear Ratios:

  • Final: 3.437
  • First: 3.090
  • Second: 1.833
  • Third: 1.217
  • Fourth: 0.888
  • Fifth: 0.741
  • Reverse: 3.166
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