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F4A51 Transfer Case
  • ORing (IPN6-69020)

    ORing (IPN6-69020)

    ORing (IPN6-69020) AOD, AODE, AODE-W (4R70W), 4R75E/W Ford 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler Line Fitting ORing (1980-2014) Please Order x 2F4A51 Subaru 4 Speed Transfer Case Transfer Valve Oring (1987-1998) (806910040)

    Part #: IPN6-69020
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  • F4A51 Solenoid Oring

    F4A51 3-speed SUBARU Transfer Case Solenoid O-ring (1972-1994)

    Part #: IPN6-48723
  • F4A51 Case Plug Oring

    F4A51 4 Speed Transfer Case (Subaru) Case Plug Oring (1987-1998) (806908070)

    Part #: IPN6-69027
  • F4A51 Selector Shaft Oring

    F4A51 4 Speed Transfer Case (Subaru) Selector Shaft Oring (1987-1998) (806913070)

    Part #: IPN6-38112
  • F4A51 Extension Oring

    F4A51 Transfer Case Extension O-ring (2001-2007) (47353-39000)

    Part #: IPN6-77353
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