E4OD Valve Body ZIP Kit

E4OD Valve Body ZIP Kit

  • Model: E4OD-4R100-ZIP
  • Manufactured by: Sonnax
  • Condition: New
  • Location: F-040 - 1
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E4OD/4R100 Automatic Transmission Valve Body ZIP Kit

Kit Includes:

1-2 Accumulator Control Valve Kit
2-3 Accumulator Control Valve Kit
3-4 Accumulator Control Valve Kit
Boost Valve Kit
Line Pressure Modulator Plunger Valve Kit
TCC Control Plunger Valve Kit
Low/Reverse Modulator Plunger Kit
Front Lube/Drainback Valve Kit
Relief Valve
Center Support Gasket
Shims (2) Reverse Planet Endplay
Bushing Case, One Piece
Line-to-Lube Pressure Regulator Valve Kit
Checkballs (3) 1/4" dia.
Checkballs (16) 5/16" dia.
Spiral Snap Ring Sure Lock(TM) Overdrive Piston Return Spring
Intermediate & Direct Clutch Feed Seal Kit


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E4OD Valve Body ZIP Kit
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