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Miscellaneous Parts

Dodge Chrysler 42RLE Miscellaneous Parts
  • Rear Metal Clad Seal

    Rear Metal Clad Seal (36074B)

    Automatic Transmission Rear Metal Clad Seal ((1.125" with Long Boot) (36074B) (C1DP-7052A) C6 Rear 1966-UP A727 (TF8) Rear 1965-Up 42RLE Rear 2wd (Excluding Magnum, 300) 2003-UP E40D, 4R100 Rear Seal

    Part #: 36074B
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  • A604 42RLE Friction Kit

    A604 42RLE Friction Kit

    Dodge Chrysler A604 A606 42RLE Automatic Transmission Friction Kit Module (162119)

    Part #: R92119B
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  • A604, 42RLE Input Clutch Hub

    A604, 42RLE Input Clutch Hub

    Chrysler A604, A606, 40TE, 41TE, 41TES, 42LE, 42RLE Automatic Transmission Input Clutch Hub (Cast-Iron) (For 4 Ring Stator) (4531637) (1990-Up)

    Part #: U92574A
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  • 42RLE Input Shaft

    42RLE Input Shaft

    Dodge-Chrysler 42RLE Automatic Transmission Input Shaft 10 7/8" (4626452) (Good-Used)

    Part #: IPN-U162670
  • 42RLE Magnet - Round

    42RLE Magnet - Round

    Dodge-Chrysler 42RLE Automatic Transmission Round Magnet (Good-Used)

    Part #: IPN-U162839
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  • 45RFE Snap Ring - Tail Housing AC

    45RFE Snap Ring - Tail Housing AC

    Dodge Chrysler 45RFE, 42RLE Automatic Transmission Tail House Snap Ring (Aprox Dia 76.30 x 66.75 x 1.57 x 4.75mm)

    Part #: IPNJ-U72860-AC
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