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Dodge Transmission Kits and Parts

Despite the less-than-stellar reputation that surrounds Dodge vehicles, they are a great vehicle to use for work. But when the transmission breaks down, it can be tricky to know where to start. The best thing to do is find a professional mechanic who can replace it. Their expertise can save you hours of work and a lot of money. Buying affordable Dodge replacement transmission parts, the mechanic should be able to jack up your vehicle and pop out the old transmission and replace it with a new one in only an hour or two. What are some of the common issues with Dodge truck transmissions?

  • Failed Shift Solenoid D - DTC Code - P0766
  • Failed Friction Element - DTC Code - P2703
  • Failed Input/Output Speed Sensor - DTC Code - P0720
  • Transmission control system malfunction - DTC Code - P0700
  • Turbine Sensor Malfunction - DTC Code - P0715
  • Shaft Speed Sensor - No Signal - DTC Code - P0791

Whether you're looking for a replacement transmission for a Dodge Avenger, Durango, or Dodge Ram, you'll likely find all the parts for sale here.

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