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T56 Standard Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts

Widely used by General Motors, Dodge, and Ford, the T56 is a six speed manual transmission designed and built by BorgWarner. The original design of the T56 was for the 1992 Dodge Viper. From there, the T56 was used in Aston Martin Vanquish and Vantage (1999-2006), Chevrolet Corvette (1997 to 2007), Dodge Ram (2004-2006), Ford Mustang (Cobra and Cobra R - 2000 to 2004), as well as Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am (1993 to 2002). The entire transmission case and bell housing is made from aluminum but the syncros are made from brass for GM and Ford vehicles and stainless steel for Dodge vehicles.

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