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S53 Standard Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts

S53 manual transmissions and their parts are small, cable-run transmissions designed for use in small and mid-sized vehicles that are front wheel drive. The S53 transmission was specifically designed to be used in the Toyota Celica cars built between 1990 and 1993. The S53 the syncros were updated in 1994 and used in the 1994-1999 Toyota Celica.

S53 Manual Transmission Gear Ratios

The gear ratios for the S53 transmission model are:

  • Final: 3.944:1
  • First: 3.285
  • Second: 2.041
  • Third: 1.322
  • Fourth: 1.028
  • Fifth: 0.820
  • Reverse: 3.153
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