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Rocky Transfer Case Parts
  • Rocky, Gasket Kit

    Rocky, Gasket Kit

    Rocky Transfer Case Gasket Kit, 1990-1992 Behind Manual Transmission Only 1990-1992 Daihatsu Rocky (1.6L)

    Part #: TSK295-001
  • bk295 Rocky Bearing & Seal Kit

    Rocky Bearing & Seal Kit

    Rocky Transfer Case Bearing and Seal Kit, 90-92 (1.6L) (Behind Manual Transmission Only) (Daihatsu) Please note the gasket is not included in the kit.

    Part #: BK295
  • Seal

    Seal (372070A)

    L40 / W5M33 Standard Transmission, Daihatsu Rocky Transfer Case Front Output Seal 

    Part #: 372070A
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