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Gaskets & O-Rings

Renault 4 Speed AR4, AD4, AD8 Gaskets & O-Rings

  • Pan Gasket (75300A)

    Pan Gasket (75300A)

    Automatic Transmission Pan Gasket (75300A) (095-321-371) Renault AD4 1991-UP 095, 096 (01M) 1990-Up

    Part #: 75300A
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  • End Cover Gasket (75304A)

    Automatic Transmission End Cover Gasket (Bonded) (75304A) Renault AD4 1991-UP VW 095, 096 1990-Up

    Part #: 75304A
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  • Pump O-Ring

    Pump O-Ring (75311A)

    Automatic Transmission Pump O-Ring (75311A) (095-321-386) Renault AR4, AD4, AD8 1988-UP VW AG4 1990-UP

    Part #: 75311A
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