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Miscellaneous Components

RE4R03A Miscellaneous Components

  • Servo Band Strut (S73915-2)

    Automatic Transmission Servo Band Strut (73915-2) (69700-01) RE4R01A 1987-UP R4AX-EL, 4EAT 1987-1998 RE4R03A

    Part #: S73915-2
  • Servo Pin Kit (S73903)

    Automatic Transmission Servo Pin Kit w/ O-Ring (S73903) (69903-01K) RE4R01A, RL4R01A RE4R03A

    Part #: S73903
  • RE4R03A Tail Housing - 2WD

    RE4R03A Tail Housing - 2WD

    Nissan RE4R03A, RG4R01A, JR403E Tail Housing (BV11 / Japan Automatic Transmission Co., LTD. Model BM000, No. 9340844) Please order 1 x 73305A) (Does not come with gasket, seal, bushing or sensors) (Good-Used)

    Part #: U73770-9340844
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