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NP 242

NP 242 Transfer Case Parts The NP 242 transfer case is used in 1987 Grand Cherokees and regular Cherokees, 1988 Dodge Durago, and the 1997 Dodge Dakota. It can only be used for the 4 wheel drive models of these vehicles however. This transfer case has a circular part at the rear of the case close to the exiting rear drive shaft. You can find all the NP 242 transfer case parts for sale here.
  • NP 242, Bearing Kit-1648175525

    NP 242, Bearing Kit-1648175525

    NP 242 Transfer Case Bearing Gasket And Seal Kit For Jeep Liberty Only 2002-2007

    Part #: BK242C
  • NP 242, Bearing Kit

    NP 242, Bearing Kit

    NP 242, Bearing Kit (uses 24mm Wide Input Bearing) (Dodge, Hummer H1, Jeep) (2 Piece Extension Housing) Note: some seals could be missing

    Part #: BK242
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  • NP242J Oil Tube - Flat

    NP242J Oil Tube - Flat

    NP-242J Oil Tube for Jeep Transfer Case Parts with Flat Middle Section (Aprox 5 7/16") (Good-Used)

    Part #: U361012J-1A
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  • NP242J Oil Tube

    NP242J Oil Tube

    NP-242J Oil Tube for Jeep Transfer Case Parts (Aprox 5 7/16") (Good-Used)

    Part #: U361012J-1
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  • NP242 Jeep Transfer Case

    NP242 Jeep Transfer Case

    New Process NP-242 Jeep Remanufactured Transfer Case, One Piece Tail Housing with 23 Spline Input Shaft / 27 Spline Output Shaft / 4 Bolt Front Output Flange 19056 / Front Bearing Retainer C-16188 / Front Case Half C-17240 / Rear Case Half C-16119-AD-9 /...

    Part #: NP242-Reman-JAA
  • NP242 Jeep Liberty Reman

    NP242 Jeep Liberty Reman

    New Process Selec-Trac NP-242 Remanufactured 2005, 2006, 2007 Jeep Liberty Transfer Case (RL853123AD, 52853123AD, R2853123AD) (Price includes a $300.00 core charge.)

    Part #: NP242-Liberty-Reman
  • Extension Housing Bushing (Babbitt) (44066)

    Extension Housing Bushing (Babbitt) (44066)

    Transmission & Transfer Case Extension Housing (Babbitt) (27 Splines) (1.500" ID, 1.630" OD) (WT266-62) (3717682) (8008A) (01755) 200, 200C 1976-1987 200-4R 1981-UP Doug Nash MH5, MK2 1984-UP T10, Super T10 180, 180C 1969-UP 350, 350C 1969-1986 T4 (4...

    Part #: 44066
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