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Metal Clad Seals

L3N71B, L4N71B Metal Clad Seals

  • Rear Metal Clad Seal (53074)

    Rear Metal Clad Seal (53074)

    Automatic Transmission Rear Metal Clad Seal (4wd Extension Housing) 1.375” ID (without Flange) (53074) (31336-X0101) R4AX-EL, 4EAT 1987-UP Subaru 5 Speed (5EAT) 2005-UP L3N71B 1971-1987

    Part #: 53074
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  • Extension Housing Seal (53074B)

    Extension Housing Seal (53074B)

    Automatic Transmission Extension Housing Metal Clad Seal (1.495” ID) (without Flange) (53074B) (31336-X8000) Nissan RE4R01A 1987-UP (Nissan, Infiniti) L4N71B, E4N71B and N4A-EL 1983-1993

    Part #: 53074B
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  • Adapter Housing Seal (73074C)

    Automatic Transmission Adapter Housing Metal Clad Seal (73074C) (M504-13-335) RE4R01A 1987-UP (Mazda 4wd) Mazda MPV 4wd 1983-1993

    Part #: 73074C
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