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Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Transmission Kits and Parts

Cobra carries a large range of Mercedes Benz transmissions including the entire 722 series of automatic transmissions (722-0 through to 722-9). The 722 series was designed by Mercedes Benz to be used in their vehicles and the 722.9 automatic transmission was arguably the best of the bunch with seven forward gears and two reverse. The seven gear automatic Mercedes Benz transmission allowed for smoother shifting, quicker shifting, better acceleration times, and improved fuel economy.

The names that the 7-gear transmission went by are the 722.9 Automatic Transmission, 7G Tronic Plus (the name used since 2010), and the NAG 2, or New Automatic Gearbox 2. If you're looking for automatic transmission parts and kits for Mercedes Benz vehicles, you've come to the right place. Shop with Cobra Transmission today.

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