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M9295R Standart Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts
  • Rotary RX7 Paper Gasket

    Rotary RX7 Paper Gasket

    Mazda Rotary RX7 / B2600 / B5V / M9295R Paper Gasket (Included in BK199 and BW199WS)

    Part #: AT150HC-55
  • Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit (BK199)

    Standard Transmission Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit B2600 (5-Speed) RWD 1987-1993 2.6L (Mazda) Rotary RX, RX7 (5-Speed) RWD Turbo 1987-1995 (1.3L) M9295R (5-Speed) RWD Mazda 929 1988-1989 (3.0L) B5V (5-Speed) RWD Mazda MPV Van 1989-1993 (2.6L, 3.0L)

    Part #: BK199
  • M9295R Synchro, Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit

    M9295R 5-Speed, RWD, Synchro & Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit Bottom Pan Turbo Only All Syncrho rings are single piece design 1988-1989 Mazda 929 (3.0L) 1987-1993 Mazda RX7 (1.3L) 1987-1993 Mazda B2600 (2.6L) 1989-1993 Mazda MPV (2.6L) 1989-1993...

    Part #: BK199WS
  • Synchronizer Kit (SRK199)

    Standard Transmission Synchronizer Kit B2600 (5-Speed) RWD Mazda M9295R (5-Speed) RWD (Mazda) B5V (5-Speed) RWD Mazda

    Part #: SRK199
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