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Kia Transmission Kits and Parts  

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  • A5GF1 Banner Rebuild Kit
    A5GF1 Banner Rebuild Kit with Friction, without Steels; Standard, without Pistons...
    Part #: 82004G

  • A5GF1 Master Rebuild Kit
    A5GF1 Master Rebuild Kit with Friction & Steels; Standard, without Pistons...
    Part #: 82006G

  • A5GF1 Overhaul Rebuild Kit
    A5GF1 Overhaul Rebuild Kit (2007-2012) 2009 - 2010 Hyundai Sonata FWD 2007 - 2012...
    Part #: 82002G

  • New
    F4A-EL Overhaul Kit
    F4A-EL Overhaul Kit
    Kia F4A-EL Automatic Transmission Overhaul Repair Kit (2000-2004)
    Part #: IPN6-K71900FP

1–4 of 4 results
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