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HED Standart Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts
  • HED, Synchro, Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit

    HED, 3-Speed Synchro & Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit RWD, Bolt Cover 1960-1964 Ford Falcon (144ci) 1967 Ford Falcon (170ci) 1965-1966 Ford Mustang (200ci) 1960-1965 Ford Ranchero (144ci) 1960-1963 Mercury Comet and Montegro...

    Part #: BK128WS
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  • Seal (342070)

    Seal (342070)

    HED Input & NP535, NV2500 Front Seal (10515)

    Part #: 342070
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  • Rear Seal (311074)

    Rear Seal (311074)

    Transmission & Transfer Case Metal Clad Seal (13676) (473214) HED Rear NP 205 Adapter (TH400 & SM465)

    Part #: 311074
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  • 6206-N Bearing

    6206-N Bearing

    Transmission & Transfer Case Bearing (62mm OD X 30mm ID X 16mm H) (6206-N) FM132, FM145, FM146 Main Shaft Bearing (Rear) NP 207, NP242 Output Bearing (Rear) HED Rear Bearing Cadillac SRX (2003-Up) NP 231 Output Bearing (Rear) (1987-1994) BW 1354,...

    Part #: 351268
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  • 6207-N Bearing

    6207-N Bearing

    6207-N Transmission & Transfe Bearing (72mm OD X 35mm ID X 17mm H) (6207-N) HED Input Bearing Mitsubishi D50 Main Shaft Bearing (Center) RAD, SR4 Input Bearing T150, A390 Rear Bearing BW 1372, BW 4472 Transfer Case Front Output Shaft Bearing (Front)...

    Part #: 351268A
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