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Getrag 290, NV1500, NV3500, NV35

NV1500, NV35, NV3500 Standard Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts by Getrag

Looking for the NV3500, NV1500, or NV35 manual transmission parts? Find Getrag small parts kits, bearings, gaskets, and seal kits, as well as bushing and tail housings at Cobra today.

NV1500 / NV3500 / NV35 for Getrag Transmissions

The NV3500, 1500, and NV35 were designed and built by Getrag designed to be used in GMC and Dodge full-size and compact light trucks. The transmissions' parts were built by a subsidiary of Getrag (now known as Magna) called New Venture Gear. It is best identified by the two-part aluminum transmission casing and built-in bell housing as well as the tower shifter, which is mounted on top.

In North America, the NV3550 transmissions' parts are used by Jeep vehicles that have a 4 liter inline 6. Unfortunately, is easily mistaken for the NV3500.

The vehicles that the NV3500 transmission parts can be used on include:

  • '93-'98 Chevrolet and GMC CK (V6, 5l V8, and 5.7l V8)
  • '99-'06 Cherolet Silverado 1500 and 2500LD
  • '93-'03 GM S-series trucks (4.3l V6 versions only)
  • '99-'06 GMC Seirra 1500 and 2500LD
  • '94-'01 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500LD
  • '94-'04 Dodge Dakota
  • '02-'04 Jeep Liberty (PowerTech V6 model)
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