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Bearing, Bushing, Thrust Washer

Bearing, Bushing, Thrust Washers

  • Bushing Kit, 4T60E

    Bushing Kit, 4T60E

    Bushing Kit, 4T60E (1991-1999) (K66901E)

    Part #: 8.40E+03
  • 84201a Bearing Kit

    Bearing Kit (84201A)

    Chevroelt GM 4T60, 440-T4 Automatic Transmission Bearing Kit 1983-1992. Following bearings are not included in the kit and must be purchased in addition to the kit if needed D54242AA, D84254A and 84286C. (K66500)

    Part #: 84201A
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  • Washer Kit, 4T60, 440-T4 (84200B)

    Automatic Transmission Washer Kit With Popular Selectives 4T60, 440-T4 1983-1992 4T60E 1991-1999

    Part #: 84200B
  • 3T40 Bearing Stabilizer

    Axle Stabilizer Bearing (T64275)

    Automatic Transmission Axle Stabilizer (Bearing Type with Seal)(OEM) (Teckpak) 125, 125C, 3T40 Axle Stabilizier (Both Sides) 1980-2001 4T60 (440-T4) Axle Stabilizer (Passenger Side) 1984-1993

    Part #: T64275
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