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4L80E Sprag

  • 4L80E, Roller Clutch

    4L80E, Roller Clutch

    Roller Clutch 4L80E, Overdrive (.310” OD Rollers, 3 1/4” OD Roller Clutch) (1991-E01)

    Part #: A34650
  • 4L80E, Sprag Kit

    Sprag Kit 4L80E, Intermediate (34 Element) w/Forged Outer Race & High Strength End Bearings (1991-Up)

    Part #: 34652AK
  • 4L80E, Race

    4L80E, Race

    Race 4L80E, Intermediate Sprag (Outer) (.795”) (Included in 34652AK) (1991-Up)

    Part #: U34663E
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  • Rear Low Clutch Roller Sprag (A34654)

    Rear Low Clutch Roller Sprag (A34654)

    Automatic Transmission Low Clutch Roller Sprag (Rear) (34654) (7471002) 400, 3L80 1965-1998 FMX 1968-1981 4L80E 1991- Early 1995 AOD, AODE, 4R70 1980-UP

    Part #: A34654
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