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Pumps & Parts

4L80E Pumps & Parts

  • 4L80E Pump-1648138273

    4L80E Pump-1648138273

    GM Chevrolet 4L80E 4-Speed RWD 4WD Automatic Transmission Pump Assembly. One Cooler Fitting Behind Bell 1997-2003. $75.00 core charge included in the price. Please order: 1 x 74311 Oring 1 x 34310E Gasket 2 x 34177BT Sealing Ring 2 x...

    Part #: R34500EA-001
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  • 4L80E Pump-1648138269

    4L80E Pump-1648138269

    4L80E Automatic Transmission Pump, Two Cooler Fittings (Behind Bell) (1991-1996) (Good Used)

    Part #: U34500E
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  • 4L80E Pump

    Pump 4L80E, Two Cooler Fittings (Behind Bell) (1991-1996) (Reman)

    Part #: R34500E
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  • 4L80E, Pump-1648138305

    4L80E, Pump-1648138305

    4L80E, Pump, TCC Valve End Plug, .684" Diameter (Bag of 5) (1991-UP) (34994-11)

    Part #: S34507C-6B-001
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  • 4L80E, Pump-1648138299

    4L80E, Pump, Plug, End TCC & Pressure Valves (5 Per Bag) (1991-UP) (34200-05K)

    Part #: S34507P-6
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  • 4L80E, Pump-1648138298

    4L80E, Pump, Valve & Sleeve, Boost Valve (w/ O-Ring) (1991-UP) (34200-01K)

    Part #: S34507RDK
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  • 4L80E Pump Valve

    4L80E Pump Valve

    4L80E Pump Valve, Press Regulator Line to Tube (1995-UP) (34200-14K)

    Part #: S34507P-1
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