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Bearing, Bushing, Thrust Washer

Bearing, Bushing, Thrust Washers

  • Bushing Kit, 4L30E

    Bushing Kit, 4L30E

    4L30E 4 Speed Automatic Transmission Bushing Kit (May Not Include Center Support Bushing) (1990-Up) (K41901A)

    Part #: 24030B
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  • Pump & Bell Housing Bushing (24034)

    Pump & Bell Housing Bushing (24034)

    Automatic Transmission Pump & Bell Housing Bushing (Tighter Tolerance) (Machining Needed) (24034) (54253-01) 4L30E 1990-UP 180, 180C, 3L30 1969-UP

    Part #: 24034
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  • 180C pump bushing

    180, 180C, 3L30, Pump Bushing (44034)

    180, 180C, 3L30, Cast Iron Powerglide, 4L30E, 350, 350C, 400, 480L, AT540 Automatic Transmission Pump Bushing (Wide) (Use caution not to cover or block the oil lube hole) (1969-Up) (29511860)  

    Part #: 44034
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  • Pump Bushing (Narrow) (24034A)

    Pump Bushing (Narrow) (24034A)

    Automatic Transmission Pump Bushing (Narrow) (8958661) 180, 180C, 3L30 1969-UP 4L30E 1990-UP

    Part #: 24034A
  • Case Bushing (24064B)

    Automatic Transmission Case Bushing (No Walk) (5258191) 180, 180C, 3L30 1969-UP 4L30E 1990-UP

    Part #: 24064B
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  • Extension Housing Bushing (44066B)

    Extension Housing Bushing (44066B)

    Automatic Transmission Extension Housing Bushing (Bronze) (6260048) (41mm OD X 37mm ID X 24mm H) 180, 180C, 3L30 1969-UP 200, 200C 1976-1987 200-4R 1981-1990 4L30E 1990-UP (Excluding 90-Up Tracker) 350, 350C 1969-1986 MH5, MK2 1984-UP 700-R4 1982-UP...

    Part #: 44066B
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