Ford 6F50

Ford 6F50
Ford Transfer Case 6F50 Designed to handle up to 300 horsepower, the Ford 6F50 transmission is a 6-speed automatic transmission specifically designed to work alongside transverse engines. The transmission shares similar characteristics as GM 6T70 transmission. The differences between the GM and Ford parts is what it is rated for (GM's transmission was rated for 315 horsepower). The 6F50 is for a number of vehicles including:
  • Ford Edge (2010-Present)
  • Ford Explorer (2010-Present)
  • Lincoln MKX (2010-Present)
  • Lincoln MKS (2010-Present)
  • Ford Taurus (2010-Present)
  • Ford Flex (2010-Present)
  • Lincoln MKT (2010-Present)
  • Lincoln MKZ (2010-Present)
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