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Valve Body

CD4E Valve Body

  • CD4E, Valve Body

    Valve Body (Premium) Cast RF-F3 (w/o Solenoids) 1 94-96

    Part #: P96740-1
  • CD4E, Valve Body Kit

    Kit, Bypass Clutch Control Sleeve & Plunger Valve (req T-73840-BTL) 1 94-Up 73840-BK

    Part #: S96741BK
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  • Valve Body Kit (S96741CK)

    Ford CD4E Automatic Transmission Pressure & Conv. Reg Valve Kit, Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve (req T-73840-RTL) 1994-Up 73840-RK

    Part #: S96741CK
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