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Brake Band

Brake Bands

  • 46022 A4LD Overdrive Band

    A4LD Overdrive Band

    Overdrive (Single Wrap) (Hi-Energy) (85-95) (46022) (1L4P-7D034AA)

    Part #: 46022
  • 46022 A4LD Intermediate Band

    A4LD Intermediate Band

    A4LD Automatic Transmission Intermediate (Single Wrap) (Hi-Energy) (85-95) (46022) (1L4P-7D034AA)

    Part #: B46022
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  • Intermediate Brake Band, A4LD

    Intermediate Brake Band, A4LD Double Wrap - Borg Warner (1991-1992) (90GT-7F196-AA) (27320J)

    Part #: B56022EA
  • 56022e Brake Band

    Brake Band (N56022E)

    Automatic Transmission Brake Band (74DT-7B034-AA) (27320H) C3 (3-Speed) Intermediate 1985-1987 4R44E, 5R44E, 4R55E, 5R55E Intermediate 1995-Up A4LD (4-Speed) Intermediate 1974-1995 A4LD (4-Speed) Overdrive 1985-1995

    Part #: N56022E
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