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BW 4446 Transfer Case Parts

Borg Warner 44-46 Transfer Case Parts, Kits and Chains
  • Chain (HV-064)

    Chain (HV-064)

    Chain (1.50" Wide) 49 Links (Round Pins) 7/16" Pitch (TC10-064 / 05086328AA) NP 271, NP 273 Ford F250/350/450/550 & 2003 Dodge (98-Up)BW4446 BW4447 (2012-2017)

    Part #: HV-064
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  • Bearing (411210)

    Bearing (411210)

    Bearing (90mm OD X 55mm ID X 18mm H) (6011) NP136, Main Shaft Bearing (Front)NP271, NP273, Front Output Shaft Bearing (Front)BW4446, BW4447 Input Bearing, Front Main shaft Without Snapring Groove For A 6 Bolt CaseNP246, Main Shaft Bearing (Front)NP236,...

    Part #: 411210
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  • 6208-N Bearing

    6208-N Bearing

    Standard Transmission & Transfer Case Bearing (80mm OD X 40mm ID X 18mm H) (35TM11) (6208-N / 6208N) (12472968) NP535, NV2500 Main Shaft Bearing MP1625, MP1626, MP3023, MP3024 Transfer Case Rear Output Bearing (32 Spline Output) (2007-2018) BW-4446,...

    Part #: 342210
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  • Bearing (424211)

    Bearing (424211)

    Bearing (6309-N) (100mm OD X 45mm ID X 25mm H) NV5600 Main Shaft Bearing (Rear)BW4446, BW4447 Output Rear Bearing With Snap Ring

    Part #: 424211
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  • 6307-N Bearing

    6307-N Bearing

    Standard Transmission & Transfer Case Bearing (Not Stepped) (80mm OD X 35mm ID X 21 H) (6307-N / 6307N) NP535, NV2500 Input Bearing T10, Super T10 Input Bearing NP 241, Front Output Shaft Bearing (Front) T10, Super T10, Output Bearing Toyota W55,...

    Part #: 342240
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  • BW4446 Oil Pump

    Borg Warner BW-4446, BW-4447 Transfer Case Oil Pump (2012-2017)

    Part #: IPN1-68089710AA
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  • BW4446 Range Slider

    Borg Warner BW-4446, 4447 Transfer Case Range Slider (2012-2017)

    Part #: IPN1-68161354AA
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