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Solenoid, Sensor…

09G TF60-SN Solenoid, Sensor…

  • 09G Solenoid Kit - Small Can

    09G Solenoid Kit - Small Can

    09G, TF60SN Automatic Transmission Solenoid Kit - Small Can Design. This kit will not work if any of the connectors are yellow.

    Part #: 15420A
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  • 09G Large Can Solenoid Kit

    09G / 09D Solenoid Kit - Large Can

    VW 6 Speed Automatic Transmission 09G, TF60SN, TF61SN 09D, TR60SN Solenoid Kit (5.3 OHMs Green Connector) (Includes 1 x Black-Connector and 5 x Green Connector Solenoids) (502501R) Large Can Design. Please order 2 x 15430 - shift solenoids For VW...

    Part #: 15420-NFG
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