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A2K5 Standart Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts
  • A2K5 Bearing Kit

    A2, A2K5, CG Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit

    A2, A2K5, CG 5-Speed Standard Transmission Bearing, Gasket and Seal Kit (8 Bolt Black Tin Rear Cover) 1986-1989 Acura Integra (1.6L) 1985-1987 Prelude (1.8L, 2.0L)

    Part #: BK238
  • A2, A2K5 CG Synchro, Bearing, Gasket And Seal Kit

    Acura A2, CG, A2K5 5-Speed FWD Manual Standard Transmission Synchronizer Blocker Rings, Bearings, Gasket And Seal Kit. 8 bolt black tin rear cover. 1986-1989 Integra 1.6L 1986-1989 Accord 2.0L 1985-1987 Prelude 1.8L, 2.0L (Also includes codes...

    Part #: BK238WS
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