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425 (M40E)

425 (M40E) Transmission Parts

  • Overhaul Kit, TH425 (1966-1978)

    Overhaul Kit, TH425 (1966-1978)

    TH425 Automatic Transmission Overhaul kit include paper, rubber, gaskets, o rings, lip seals, metal clad seals and sealing ring kit.

    Part #: 34002G
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  • Filter, TH425

    Filter, TH425

    TH425 Automatic Transmission Filter (1966-1978) (8438301) 

    Part #: A34010G
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  • TH425 Filter Kit

    Filter Kit, TH425

    Filter Kit Comes with Filter and Pan Gasket. 

    Part #: A34011G
  • Valve Body Kit, TH425

    Valve Body Kit, TH425 (Shift Kit) Transgo (1966-1978) (SK 425)

    Part #: T34165G
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