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  • 6L45E Bearing Kit

    GM Chevrolet 6-Speed Automatic Transmission Bearing Kit.6L45 2010-2017 6L50 2007-2020 Includes 5 bearings: Input 4-5-6-Hub 1-2-3-4-Hub 2-6/3-5-R Hub Front Rear

    Part #: S104201K
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  • JF010E Pulley Bearing Kit

    JF010E Pulley Bearing Kit

    Jatco JF010E RE0F09A CVT Automatic Transmission Pulley Bearing Kit 33201G-01K. Includes: 1 x B32Z-9UR / B32Z-9E 1 x B65-27 1 x B45-12OE / B45-120

    Part #: S807201-01K
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  • JF011E Pulley Bearing Kit (S814201-01K)

    JF011E Pulley Bearing Kit (S814201-01K)

    JF011E CVT Automatic Transmission Variator Pulley Bearing Kit 2007-2014. Kit includes 2 primary bearings and 1 secondary bearing.

    Part #: S814201-01K
  • E40D, 4R100, Seal

    E40D, 4R100, Seal

    Seal, Clutch Feed Interm/Direct Case (Sonnax) (36424-24K) (89-Up)

    Part #: S36344-001
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  • Jf015E Input Bearing

    Jatco JF015E, Nissan RE0F11A, Mitsubishi F1CJB CVT Automatic Transmission Input/Counter Drive Bearing 39 x 17 x 12mm.

    Part #: SAN323232-A
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  • Servo Return Spring

    Servo Return Spring (S96901)

    CD4E Automatic Transmission Servo Return Spring (1st Design) 1994-Up (Fits All Except 1997 & 1998) F3RZ-7H073ACompatible with / Fits Ford

    Part #: S96901
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  • Sun Shell Saver Shim (S36243S)

    Sun Shell Saver Shim (S36243S)

    Ford C6 Automatic Transmission Shim, Sun Shell Saver(.044” Thick) (5 Per Bag) (1966-Up) (36243S) (36414-01K)

    Part #: S36243S