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  • 6R140 Solenoid-1648185255

    6R140 Solenoid-1648185255

    6R140 Solenoid; Stamped Band #5, 3 High Bleed For Automatic Transmission (2011-2018)   Years Vehicle Drive Types 2011 - 2018 Ford F-550 Super...

    Part #: D126425A
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  • E4OD Valve Body ZIP Kit

    E4OD/4R100 Automatic Transmission Valve Body ZIP Kit Kit Includes: 1-2 Accumulator Control Valve Kit 2-3 Accumulator Control Valve Kit 3-4 Accumulator Control Valve Kit Boost Valve...

    Part #: E4OD-4R100-ZIP
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  • U150, U151, U250 Zip Kit

    U150,U151,U250 Zip Kit Helps cure: Burnt converter Burnt clutches Low line rise Soft shifts Harsh shifts Slips flares & bind-ups Delayed Forward TCC apply & release...

    Part #: S27741BZK
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  • E40D, 4R100 Bushing

    E40D, 4R100 Bushing

    E40D, 4R100, AOD, AODE, 4R70 Series 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Pump Body (Unfinished) (Sonnax) (36002-01) (1989-Up)

    Part #: S36034EX-1648143088
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  • C6 Case Bushing-1648142410

    Case (1 Piece Type) (Oversized) 1 Groove to Rear (2) (95-96) (36064HAX) 36008C (2) - requires T-36008A (HAX & HX also require T-36005-03 & T-36005-04)

    Part #: S36064HAX
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  • E40D, 4R100 Bushing-1648143139

    Case (1 Piece Type) (Oversized) 1 Groove to Rear (3) req T-36008A (HAX & HX also req T-36005-03 & T-36005-04) (36008C) (95-Up) (36064HAX)

    Part #: S36064HAX-1648143140
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  • F4A-EL Pump Kit

    Mazda F4A-EL Pump Rebuild Kit

    Pump Rebuild Kit (Includes Discharge Valve & Compression Spring) (S38507PK) (K74878) 

    Part #: S38507PK-1648150522
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