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Model Speeds Years Transmission Model
C-V8 6.3L 3 RWD 06/1962-10/1966 36RH/A727
Interceptor Mk1 & 2 6.3L 3 RWD 10/1966-05/1972 36RH/A727
Interceptor Mk3 7.2L 3 RWD 05/1972-08/1976 36RH/A727
FF 7.2L 3 RWD/4WD 10/1966-12/1971 36RH/A727
Interceptor S6 7.2L 3 RWD 10/1986-12/1971 36RH/A727
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This information is provided as a reference only.  Some vehicles might not be listed.
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