BW 4422

BW 4422 Transfer Case Parts

BW 4422

Part # Product Image Item Name Price
TSK4422 BW4422 Gasket and Seal Kit

BW4422 Gasket and Seal Kit

BW 4422, Gasket Kit, SLX 98-99 (3.5L) (Acura) (Isuzu)

BK4422 BW 4422, Bearing Kit

BW 4422, Bearing Kit

BW 4422, Bearing Kit, SLX 98-99 (3.5L) (Acura) (Isuzu)

U4422-012RC BW4422 Pump Tube and Clip

BW4422 Pump Tube and Clip

BW-4422 Isuzu Rubber Filter Tube and Pump Clip (Good-Used)

HV-056 BW 4422, Chain

BW 4422, Chain

BW 4422, Chain, Isuzu (95-Up) (1.25" Wide) 35 Links (Rocker Pin) (Acura)

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BW4422-Reman BW4422 Reman Transfer Case

BW4422 Reman Transfer Case

Borg Warner BW-4422 Remanufactured Transfer Case. Isuzu Vehicross, Tropper. 27 Spline Input Shaft; 4 Bolt Front and Rear Output Flange. Please reuse...

U4411-202 BW4422 Thrust Bearing

BW4422 Thrust Bearing

BW-4422 Thurst Bearing (Goes Between the Rear Output Bearing and the Electric Clutch Housing Plate) (Good - Used)

456211 BW4422 Front Output Bearing

BW4422 Front Output Bearing

BW-4422 Front Output Bearing (72mm OD X 30mm ID X 19mm H)

456211 BW4422 Front Output Rear Bearing

BW4422 Front Output Rear Bearing

BWG4422 Front Output Shaft Rear Bearing (Located in the Rear Case) (72mm OD X 30mm ID X 19mm H)

456211 BW4422 Rear Output Bearing

BW4422 Rear Output Bearing

BW 4422 Transfer Box Rear Output Bearing (72mm OD X 30mm ID X 19mm H)

345240 BW4422 Input Bearing

BW4422 Input Bearing

BW-4422 Input Bearing (45mm ID, 85mm OD, 19mm Thick) (6209-N)

U4422-445 BW4422 Wire Harness Plug

BW4422 Wire Harness Plug

BW-4422 External Wire Harness Plug (Not the complete harness) (11 Wires & 11 Prongs) Tested with Multimeter (Missing Plastic Holding Clip)...

U365448 BW4422 Case Magnet

BW4422 Case Magnet

BW 4422 Transfer Case Magnet (Trooper) (Good-Used)

U4422-500K BW4422 Pump Assembly

BW4422 Pump Assembly

BW-4422 Transfer Case Pump Assembly (Top Half 44-00-008-902-B, Bottom Cover 44-00-039-905-E) Good-Used

U4422-215-500 BW4422 Pump Washer

BW4422 Pump Washer

BW-4422 Pump Washer (6 Tabs) (57mm x 43.50mm x 1.60mm) (Good-Used)

U4422-550K BW4422 Clutch Housing

BW4422 Clutch Housing

BW-4422 Clutch Housing Kit (Clutch Housing, Plate, Washer and Middle/Sun Gear) (Plate Contains 3 Notches & Not Interchangable with BW4411 Plate)...

U4422-550CDK BW4422 Coil Drum

BW4422 Coil Drum

BW-4422 Isuzu Trooper Transfer Case Coil Drum Kit (Includes Coil, Drum Coil, Drum Plate and Three Ball Bearings) (Coil not tested or guaranteed)...

U4422-588 BW4422 Planet Gear

BW4422 Planet Gear

BW 4422 Planetary Gear (6 Pinion) Traction on Demand (36 and 29 Tooth) (Isuzu) (Good-Used)

U4422-2158-588 BW4422 Planet Gear Washer

BW4422 Planet Gear Washer

BWG 4422 Planetary Gear Washer (Torque On Demand) Aprox. Dim: 79.9mm x 45.15mm x 8.95mm Inclucing Lip (Good-Used)

IPNJ-U4422-625 BW4422 Shift Cam

BW4422 Shift Cam

BW-4422 Isuzu Trooper Transfer Case Shift Cam

U4422-625-SC BW4422 Shifter Cone

BW4422 Shifter Cone

BWG-4422 Plastic Shifter Cone (Located Between the End of the Shifter Ball and the Shifter Seat) (20.35mm Long) (Good-Used)
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IPNJ-U4422-628 BW4422 Shifter Rail

BW4422 Shifter Rail

BW-4422 Isuzu Trooper Transfer Case Shift Rail 9 11/16"

IPNJ-U4422-628-AA BW4422 Shifter Rail Head

BW4422 Shifter Rail Head

BW-4422 Isuzu Trooper Transfer Case Shift Rail Head 65-903

U4422-670 BW4422 Input Shaft

BW4422 Input Shaft

BW 4422 Input Shaft Transfer Case Parts (TOD) (27 Spline, 29 Tooth External Teeth) Good-Used

U4422-645 BW4422 Range Slider

BW4422 Range Slider

BWG 4422 Range Slider (Isuzu 3.5 Liter Engine Trooper) (38 External Tooth & 29 Internal Tooth) (100.10mm at the Base, 63.50mm Shaft & 37.85mm...

U4422-646 BW4422 Mode Slider

BW4422 Mode Slider

BW-4422 Case Mode Slider and Hub (18 Tooth Slider and 18 External, 42 Internal Teeth Hub) Good-Used

U4422-672 BW4422 Main Shaft

BW4422 Main Shaft

BW-4422 Transfer Case Main Shaft (15 1/8")

U4422-678 BW4422 Output Shaft

BW4422 Output Shaft

BW Gear 4422 for Isuzu Trooper Transfer Case Parts Output Shaft (8 1/32") (26 Spline Count Where the Yoke Mounts, 32 Gear Spline Count) Good-Used

U4422-760-1 BW4422 Front Case Half

BW4422 Front Case Half

BW 4422 Front Cae Half (Includes Ring Gear, Shift Rail, Shift Cam, Shift Cam Pins and Shifter Seat that Connect to Shift Rail) (Shifter is Not...

U4422-760-2 BW4422 Rear Case Half

BW4422 Rear Case Half

BW-4422 Rear Case Half (44-22-039) (Uses Bearing 6306 for Output and Rear of Front Output Shaft) (Good-Used)

U4422-774 BW4422 Speedo Housing

BW4422 Speedo Housing

BWG4422 Speedometer Gear Housing (2 3/16") (Aluminum) Good Used

U4422-774-1 BW4422 Speedo Housing Gear Clip

BW4422 Speedo Housing Gear Clip

BW-4424 Speed-O-Meter Gear Housing Clip with Bolt (Good-Used)

U4422-795 BW4422 Yoke Nut

BW4422 Yoke Nut

BorgWaner 4422 Transfer Case Rear / Front Yoke Nut (Good-Used)

U4422-215-795 BW4422 Yoke Nut Washer

BW4422 Yoke Nut Washer

Borg Warner 4422 Isuzu Trooper Transfer Case Rear / Front Yoke Nut Washer (37.05mm x 20.30mm x 3.30mm) (GoodUsed)

U4422-215-805 BW422 Sprocket Spacer

BW422 Sprocket Spacer

Borg WarnerGear 4422 Drive Sprocket Spacer (Sits Between Drive_Sprocket and Clutch Housing) (81.28mm x 61.25mm x 7.55mm) (Good-Used)

U4422-805 BW4422 Drive Sprocket

BW4422 Drive Sprocket

Borg WG 4422 Drive Sprocket (30 Tooth) (Isuzu) Good_Used

U4422-806 BW4422 Driven Sprocket

BW4422 Driven Sprocket

Isuzu Transfer Case (Trooper) BW4422 Driven Sprocket (30 External Tooth Gear & 32 Splines) (4422-144-002) (Good Used)

305849-1 BW4422 Mode Fork Insert

BW4422 Mode Fork Insert

BW-4422 Transfer Box/Case Mode Fork Insert (1345 235 001)


BW4422 Range Fork Insert

BW-4422 XCase Range Fork Insert (1356 235 001)

U4422-850K BW4422 Fork & Rail Set

BW4422 Fork & Rail Set

Borg Waner Transfer Case 4422 (Transfer Box) Fork Set - Includes: Aluminum Range Fork (44-22-096-002), Aluminum Mode Fork 44-22-096-901 & Steel...

U345853 BW4422 Clutch Pack Spring

BW4422 Clutch Pack Spring

Borg Warner Clutch Pack Spring (BW4422) (Good-Used)

U4411-860-606 BW4422 Clutch Housing Snap Ring

BW4422 Clutch Housing Snap Ring

BW 4422 4x4 Parts - Sits on Main Shaft Against Clutch Housing Sun / Middle Gear (41.17mm x 36.59mm x 0.63mm) Good-Used

U4422-860-6209 BW4422 Input Bearing Snap Ring

BW4422 Input Bearing Snap Ring

Borg Waner Trooper Transfer Case 4422 Input Bearing (6209N) Snap Ring (Retaining Ring) Aroximate Dimmensions: 90mm x 80.5mm x 1.75mm) (Good-Used)

U371860J-645 BW4422 Input Shaft Snap Ring

BW4422 Input Shaft Snap Ring

BW-4422 Trooper T. Case SnapRing (Aprox Dimensions 48mm x 41.70mm x 1.57mm) (Good-Used)

U4411-860-6303 BW4422 Rear Output Bearing Snap Ring

BW4422 Rear Output Bearing Snap Ring

Trooper X Case Rear Output Bearing Snap_Ring (Aprox Dim 77.70mm x 68.25mm x 2.39mm) Used with Bearing 6306 or 6306N (Good Used)

U4422-993F BW4422 Front Output Yoke

BW4422 Front Output Yoke

BW 4424 T.Case Parts For Isuzu Trooper - Front Output Yoke (2 5/8 Inches Tall) (6 Bolt Holes at 2.25" Center to Center (Good-Used)

U4422-993R BW4422 Rear Output Yoke

BW4422 Rear Output Yoke

BW-4424 Transfer Case Parts (Isuzu Trooper 3.5L) Rear Output Yoke (1.75" Tall) (4 Bolt Holes - Center to Center of Bolt Holes 2 5/8")...

U4422-997 BW4422 Speedo Gear

BW4422 Speedo Gear

BWG 4422 Speedometer Gear with Meal Shaft and Metal Tip (18 Tooth Semi-Transparent) (3" Without Tip) (Includes Tip That connects from...

U4422-997A BW4422 Tone & Speedo Gear

BW4422 Tone & Speedo Gear

Transfer Case BW4422 for IsuzuTrooper - Tone Wheel and Speedo Gear Located in the Rear Output Section (30 Tooth Tone Wheel, 6 Tooth Plastic Gear...

U4422-997-TW BW4422 Tone Wheel

BW4422 Tone Wheel

BW 4422 Tone Wheel (30 External Teeth & 32 Internal Tooth) Good-Used

U4422-CaseBolts BW4422 Case Bolts

BW4422 Case Bolts

BW-4422 Case Bolts (16 Per Package) (Good-Used)

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