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If you’re in need of any JF011E CVT transmission parts then Cobra Transmission has got you covered. The JF011E utilizes a torque converter to provide an optimal driving force that is both responsive to the throttle opening and smooth with uninterrupted shift shock. High-quality CVT transmission parts can be hard to find, which is why we are committed to providing you with the ultimate selection of JF011E CVT transmission parts for all your automotive repair projects.
  • JF011E CVT, Overhaul Kit
    JF011E, FICJA CVT, EOF10A/B, CVT2 Automatic Transmission Overhaul Repair Kit Without...
    Part #: IPN6-K73900GX (33002N)

  • JF011E CVT Banner Kit With Pistons
    Jatco JF011E Nissan RE0F10A Automatic Transmission Master Kit With Pistons
    Part #: IPN6-K7300G-W/O

  • JF011E CVT, Banner Kit
    JF011E CVT Transmission Banner Rebuild Kit Kit Includes: Metal Seals, Gaskets, ORings,...
    Part #: 33004N

  • RE0F10A Banner Rebuild Kit
    RE0F10A Banner Rebuild Kit Kit Includes: Metal Seals, Gaskets, ORings, Lip Seals, Sealing...
    Part #: 814004

  • JF011E CVT Master Kit With Pistons
    Jatco JF011E Nissan RE0F10A Mitsubishi F1CJA CVT Automatic Transmission Rebuilt Master...
    Part #: IPN6-K7300G

  • JF011E CVT, Master Kit
    JF011E Master Kit includes everything in the Banner Kit plus steels. Without Pistons...
    Part #: 33006GAN / 814006

  • JF011E CVT Filter - Chrysler
    JF011E CVT, Filter (RE0F10A) (2007-2011) 5191890AA
    Part #: IPN6-73575M

  • JF011E CVT Filter - Nissan
    Jatco JF011E, Nissan RE0F10A CVT Automatic Transmission Oil Filter 2007-2011 With Square...
    Part #: IPN6-73575L / A814010A

  • JF011E CVT, Filter
    Jatco, RE0F10A, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Jeep JF011E CVT Automatic Transmission Oil Filter...
    Part #: IPN6-73575M

  • JF011E Oil Tube
    Jatco JF011E Nissan RE0F10A Altima, Murano, Rogue, Sentra Transmission Oil Tube - Located...
    Part #: IPNJ-U33012N

  • JF011E CVT Filter Cooler Return
    Jatco JF011E, Nissan RE0F10A CVT Automatic Transmission Cooler Return Filter 2007-Up...
    Part #: IPN6-73575N

  • JF011E CVT, Filter Cooler Return
    JF011E CVT Transmission Filter, Cooler Return (OEM) (RE0F10A) (2007-Up)
    Part #: 33013N

  • JF010E Pump Seal
    Jatco JF010E (RE0F09A) CVT Automatic Transmission Pump Metal Clad Seal (2003-UP)
    Part #: 807070

  • JF011E Bushing - Pump Body
    JF011E / RE0F10A CVT Transmission Pump Body Bushing (Aprox Dimen 39.80 x 36.80 x 8.00 x...
    Part #: 814034

  • JF011E Bushing - Pump Stator
    JF011E Pump Stator Bushing
    Part #: IPN6-73254

  • JF011E CVT, Seal Conv
    JF011E CVT Transmission Seal (RE0F10A) Conv (2007-Up)
    Part #: 33070N

  • JF011E Pump Seal
    Jatco JF011E (RE0F10A), JF016E CVT Automatic Transmission Converter HUB Metal Clad Seal...
    Part #: 814070

  • JF011E CVT, Seal, Axle
    JF011E CVT Transmission Seal, Axle, Left and Right (Mazda) (02-Up), Left (Case) Chrysler,...
    Part #: 98076

  • JF011E Friction Kit Module
    Jatco JF011E Nissan RE0F10A CVT Automatic Transmission Friction Clutch Kit Module.
    Part #: IPN6-K7300G-1F

  • JF010E and JF011E Friction - Forward
    Jatco, Nissan Forward Friction Plate / Clutch Disc (Please order 4 for JF010E/RE0F09A -...
    Part #: IPN6-7372 (J807108 / 33108G)

1–20 of 90 results
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