The Cadillac SRX is a mid sized luxury crossover introduced in 2004 on the Sigma platform with the option of a 3.6L gasoline engine equipped with the 5L40E automatic transmission or a 4.6L gasoline engine equipped with a 6L50E automatic transmission.

SRX Transfer Case

Four wheel drive versions for both engines come with the Borg Warner BW-4476 transfer case. The BW4476 for the SRX originally came with the CT-HV-080 chain and later superseded by the CT-HV-095. The 095 was developed for the Cadillac 265 and 295. Our understanding is the 095 chain is a bit stronger than the 080 chain.

A common problem arising with this unit is a stretched chain. If caught and fixed early enough the damage should be limited just to the chain.

The common symptom is a popping noise coming from underneath the vehicle, especially when at a dead stop and speeding up. The noise could be heard when the vehicle is under a heavy load.

The important thing to keep in mind is to replace the chain as soon as you suspect a problem so the sprockets do not get ruined, thus increasing the cost of the repair.

SRX Chain

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