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The NV125 is the transfer case used in the BMW X5 Luxury SUV. The NV stands for New Venture which was manufactured by New Process Gear. From 1998 to 2002 and some 2003 the X5 is equipped with the LWC 500 and from 2003 and up the ATC 500.

Both are single speed with torque on demand units (TOD). One of the main differences between the LWC500 and the ATC500 is that the ATC-500 is equipped with a clutch pack. Another difference is the chain. The transfer case chain for the LWC 500 NV125 from 1998 to 2002 and some 2003 has one blue link and the ATC 500 from 2003 and up has two blue links.

A common issue with the NV-125 is the chain stretches. As a result when the vehicle is under demand you could hear a pop pop noise coming from the undercarriage or transfer case, also known as or referred to as the transfer box or gearbox. Another instance when you could hear the chain is when you speed up from a dead stop, like at the stop light, you hear the popping noise.

If left uncorrected the drive and driven sprockets could become damaged. If damaged they would need to be replaced and thus increasing the cost of the repair. The driven sprocket is part of the output shaft or cluster as you could see in the picture below with blue background.

The output shaft is the part inside the transfer case where the driveline shaft connects into and goes to the front differential. The connection between the output shaft and the driveline shaft could become damaged. If this is the case you would hear a grinding noise instead of a clack or pop noise associated with a stretched chain.

In addition to the transfer case chain we also carry the seal kit, output shaft, drive line shaft, bearing kit, planetary gear and sprocket. Below are pictures of the parts with descriptions of each. In addition the chains can be purchased below. If you have a question on international shipping please contact us. We ship World Wide.

All of our chains are Borg Warner Morse Tec Hy-Vo. Available below is an easy to use express checkout for both chains for shipping within the us.

BMW-X5-NV125-Seal-Kit BMW-X5-Bearing-Kit BMW X5 Front Drive Shaft BMW X5 Output Shaft BMW X5 Planetary Gear X5 Transfer Case Tag BMW X5 One Blue Link Chain

BMW X5 Two Blue Link Chain
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