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  • Solenoid, 4L80E-1648138185

    Solenoid, 4L80E-1648138185

    Solenoid, 4L80E 2-3 Shift (Solenoid B Only) (24230289) (1991-Up) (8678639) (5A-150)

    Part #: D34422
  • Switch, 4T60E

    Switch, 4T60E

    Switch, 4T60E 4th Clutch Pressure 1 Prong (1991-1999) (8668708) (15D-131A)

    Part #: D84413A
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  • Solenoid, JF506E (RE5F01A), EPC

    Solenoid, JF506E (RE5F01A), EPC

    Solenoid, JF506E (09A 927 331 H), EPC (Main Pressure) (VW, Landrover, Jaguar) (1999-Up) (31941PR015 - N93 Green) (G6T46174)

    Part #: D98431A
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  • 6R60 6R80 Electrical Plate

    6R60 6R80 Electrical Plate

    Ford Lincoln 6R60 6R80 6-Speed RWD 4x4 Automatic Transmission Electrical Plate 2009-2017. AL3Z-7G276-A

    Part #: D95449E
  • Sensor, 4R100  (TSS)

    Sensor, 4R100 (TSS)

    Sensor, 4R100 Input Speed (TSS) (w/ PTO) (1998-Up) (F81Z-7M101-BA) (20A-418B)

    Part #: D36438A
  • Solenoid (D82421)

    Solenoid (D82421)

    Automatic Transmission Solenoid (requires 5-6) (46313-39051) (MD758981) Mitsubishi R4A51, R5A51, V4A51, V5A51 1999-UP Mitsubishi KM F4A41, KM F4A51, KM F5A51

    Part #: D82421
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  • Solenoid Assembly, E4OD-1648143043

    Solenoid Assembly, E4OD-1648143043

    E4OD Automatic Transmission Solenoid Assembly Pack 1989-1994 for Gas And Diesel Applications. (E9TZ-7G391-A) (31A-110) If replacing original pack please order 1 x 36445EK.

    Part #: D36420
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