Mercedes Benz VG150

Mercedes Benz VG150
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Mercedes Benz VG150 Transfer Case Parts

The VG150 transfer case is specifically for Mercedes Benz vehicles including the world-famous G Wagon. Identifying your exact transfer case model is important to ensure that you've get the right transfer case parts for your vehicle. Here's how to identify the right parts:

Take a look on the metal plate mounted to your transfer case. The code should look like: VG 150 E 3W / VG 150 E 3W / 2.14

Here's how you decode it:

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  • VG - This shows it's a transfer case kit/part that you need
  • 150 - the input torque in NhM
  • E - motor type (E is for electric)
  • 3W - number of shafts (in this case three)
  • 2.14 - low range ratio
  • There is only one ratio option for USA standard Mercedes vehicles, which is: 1.05:1

    1–20 of 22 results
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