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FM132, FM145, FM146

FM132, FM145, FM146 Standart Transmission Rebuild Kits and Parts
  • K20/28 Pocket Bearing (336267)

    K20/28 Pocket Bearing (336267)

    Standard Transmission Pocket Bearing (K20/28/20) (Aprox Dim 27.65 x 21.25 x 19.75mm) FM132, FM145, FM146 TK4 (4 Speed), TK5 (5 Speed) Mitsubishi D50

    Part #: 336267
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  • Input Bearing (SC0708N) (406240)

    Input Bearing (SC0708N) (406240)

    Standard Transmission Input Bearing (Not Stepped With Snap Ring Groove) (SC0708N / TM-SC0788NC S40PX1) (80 x 35 x 24mm) FM132, FM145, FM146 Mitsubishi D50

    Part #: 406240
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  • 62/22N Bearing

    62/22N Bearing

    Standard Transmission Bearing (56mm OD X 22mm ID X 16mm H) (63/22N) (6322N) FM132, FM145, FM146 Rear Cluster Bearing TK4 (4-Speed), TK5 (5-Speed) Cluster Bearing (Rear) Nissan FS5W71C, FS5R30 (6 Cylinder 5 Speed) Counter Shaft Bearing (Rear) Nissan...

    Part #: 336214
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  • FM145, 3rd Gear

    FM145, 3rd Gear (24 Tooth)

    Part #: 406583
  • FM145, 5th Gear

    FM145, 5th Gear & Synchro Assembly Kit (GK-MIT) (Updated)

    Part #: 406585AK
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